Theological Reflections

Theological reflections utilizing scripture, poetry, news stories, and other sources.

Up and Out!

Recently, a friend of mine whom I’ve always known to be optimistic and full of life—invariably ready for the next adventure–told me he was feeling out of sorts; that he was feeling “blah” and kind of “down.” Even though we’ve spent… Read More ›

Behind the Notes

In an article about stage fright in the New Yorker magazine  Joan Acocella writes, “As musicians, especially, will tell you, what they are doing up there is not meeting an agreed-upon goal but, rather, creating something new. Vladimir Horowitz [the great… Read More ›


What is the Universe calling you to do? Are you answering that call? If not? Why not? I ask these questions because I need to be asking them of myself. Periodically, life circumstances allow me to be reinvented. (It’s part… Read More ›

Be Healed

    “Quit trying to figure everything out!” Why do I keep hearing this in my head? I don’t even remember who used to say this to me. A therapist or teacher? Periodically, this admonition rises to the mucky surface… Read More ›

In One Place

    The importance of having a strong sense of community and an awareness of its benefits is well known to those who work for social justice and seek to build grassroots-based movements that serve the wellbeing of the individuals… Read More ›