Hard to Forgive

We are called to forgive those who harm us, but sometimes it seems like an impossible task, especially forgiving those who do not acknowledge their guilt or take responsibility for what they have done. This week’s message is based on the stories of the many people who responded via facebook to these questions: 1) “What has kept you from forgiving someone? 2) “Who is someone that you just can’t seem to forgive and why? 3) What might you need to happen for you to be able to forgive then?”

(press the play button to listen to the message)

(This is the video on forgiveness that is payed at the end of the message.)

2 thoughts on “Hard to Forgive

  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughtful words from your league of friends and colleagues all across this land. The perfect sermon for me at this time of year as the holidays approach and I have to search my soul for forgiveness from others and to beg forgiveness for my wrongdoings.
    As long as I live I know there is an opportunity to grow in love towards others and go beyond the hurts. My father in law in Israel would say “teet a loo”. go above. I strive to do so.

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